The Morbid Goddesses are outgoing, social-media-savvy women who represent my brand and what it stands for in their day-to-day life - essentially being the faces of Morbid Awakening. They believe in what I do, share my mission & truly want to help other women empower themselves in their true darkest form. They are an advocate for all things Morbid Awakening, both online and in person.

I am truly blessed to have found such an amazing group of women, with so many different strengths, talents, and abilities. Each with their own personality and style that resonates through their photos. I could not have asked for a better group to start my Brand Ambassadors journey with. Here is our journey through the year 2023!

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IG: @itsjustash.22 | TikTok: @cuntzilla22

A moody lover girl who's a student of life and master of the afterlife. With 5 years of seductive dance experience, she is definitely the mesmerizing siren you hope to encounter.

Casey Catastrophe


IG: @misscaseycatastrophe

A former pinup model who now works comfortably from home. When not parenting, she can be found cemetery strolling, podcast listening, or dancing the night away. As a spooky ghoul at heart, she lives for creative expression and authenticity.



IG / TikTok: @malectus82

An amazingly talented makeup artist who's creations have been brought to life. In her past time she enjoys the art of bellydancing and taxidermy.

Luna Grey


IG: @luna_grey81, @suicidesparksisters

Your blue lightning in a bottle, badass grinder girl and co-founder of Suicide Spark Sisters in KC. She's been performing jaw dropping grinder girl shows across the midwest for 6 years. You can often find her in a cemetery, metal show, or wandering the woods. She brings her love of all things strange and unusual to life on and off stage with a metalhead edge. She will bring you to your knees and have you begging for more.

Mantis Athena


IG / TikTok: @mantisathena

The succubus of your nightmares. She has been performing for over 5 years and modeling for 3. She creates visions and brings them to life in front of the camera in a sexy dark way that will make you unsure if you're scared or aroused.

Atropa Belladonna


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Dominatrix extraordinaire, contortionist, performance artist and model; she is the queen to haunt your dreams, take control of you and linger in your mind forever. Indulge your lustful dark side with this unforgettable temptress.

For more information about being a Morbid Goddess, go to the Morbid Goddess Program page!