I am no longer taking applications for the current year 2024.

I am excited to announce that I have chosen some morbidly amazing humans to join my Morbid Goddess Program for the next 9 months & help spread the message of finding beauty in the macabre along with self-love and acceptance.

What is a Morbid Goddess?

She is an outgoing, social-media-savvy woman who represents my brand and what it stands for in their day-to-day life - essentially become one of the faces of Morbid Awakening. She believes in what I do, shares my mission & truly wants to help other women empower themselves in their true darkest form. She is an advocate for all things Morbid Awakening both online and in person. Goddesses get rewarded for each referral they bring in.

How does it work?

I will give you personalized referral cards to use when recruiting potential clients. You may hand them out to anyone- your best friends or the woman you chatted with in line... if they book, it comes back as a reward for you! The more you refer, the more sessions you get, and the more you earn! Invest in empowering women.

What are the benefits of becoming a Morbid Goddess?

*Bragging rights! Hahah! - No but really! You could be a Morbid Goddess!

*Exclusive Branded Apparel

*The opportunity to partake in several concepts, both dark arts and intimates, offered throughout the year.

*You will get first dibs on all Morbid Awakening events.

*You will receive at least 6 web ready, watermarked images from each session.

*For each person you refer (who books and completes a session), a $50 credit will go into your Goddess Bank

*Referrals must mention you at the time of their introductory consultation.

*For every 5 people you refer that book a session you will also receive a $100 gift card of your choice or $100 credit for branded merch*.

Morbid Goddess Tiers & Expectations

Full Moon Morbid Goddesses: These are girls who have continued and stayed on representing the Morbid Awakening brand for 1+ year(s). They have stepped up to help mentor, guide, support and empower new up and coming Morbid Goddesses.

New Moon Morbid Goddesses: These are girls who have entered into their first year as a Morbid Goddess. They have vibe and presence for Morbid Awakening, have experience with modeling, a good social media presence and are ready to be apart of something empowering.

Full Moon & New Moon Morbid Goddesses:

*Pay a one-time admin fee of $150 at the start of their term.

*Pay only $33 per themed monthly photoshoot they participate in (commitment to partake in at least 6 of the 11 concepts offered) (this fee helps cover props, location, or any other materials needed for the set).

*Receive personalized referral cards

*Exclusive branded merchandise

*Access to PRIVATE Morbid Goddess group chat

*Share their digital images throughout social media platforms on average of 1 per week tagged properly with hashtags.

*Commenting and answering questions in the VIP group and in person.

*Help moderating our VIP group.

Waning Moon Morbid Goddesses: These are girls just starting out at the beginning of their modeling career, live farther away and willing to travel a few times throughout the year, or those who have a busy life already and wanting a little less commitment but hold the title of a Morbid Goddess. Limited access to concepts throughout the year, but given the ability to choose what you participate in. Full Moon Morbid Goddesses will be there to help mentor some of these women during their term. This is just a taste of the program but dips your toes in the water.

Waning Moon Morbid Goddesses:

*Pay a one-time admin fee of $50 at the start of their term.

*Pay only $66 per themed monthly photoshoot they participate in (commitment to at least 3 of the 6 concepts offered throughout the year) (this fee helps cover props, location, or any other materials needed for the set).

*Receive generic referral cards

*Branded Merchandise

ALL Morbid Goddesses:

*Interact with me on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

*Allow me to feature your sessions (so you've gotta be cool having at least your lingerie images shared publicly).

*Supporting women of all body types. - Stepping in if you see negative self talk , eg. "I'm too fat for this".

*Posting Meme's, inspiration, etc that you feel would fit the vibe.

*Telling other's about your experience.

*Sharing your photos with other women (tagged properly with hashtags) & encouraging them to book a session.

*Leave positive reviews on Facebook and Google

*Working with Morbid Awakening and being a Morbid Goddess does NOT mean you can't work with other local photographers and it does NOT mean you can't travel and work with another photographer specializing in dark or horror art.

Who is the ideal candidate for this program?

*A diverse group of people who identify as women that are excited to share their photos!

*Diverse body types! Anyone and everyone is welcome, regardless of size!

*Willing to sign a FULL Model Release. This is a deal breaker.

*Must be active on social media accounts, sharing posts and commenting on account

*Amazing social networking skills because the more you promote your experience the greater it affects what you earn (see details above).

*Must be at least 21.


If this sounds like you, please request a Morbid Goddess Questionnaire below and one will be emailed to you. Once you have applied, please friend me on Facebook, follow me on Insta & TikTok and join the ✨Morbid Goddesses 🌙 VIP Group✨. It's important for me to see what your online presence looks like if you want to be considered! I will contact you if you are selected for the program. If not, you will absolutely be considered for future openings!